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The British Library is home to the UK’s national collection of radio recordings in its Sound Archive. On 18th November 2010, the entire collection was handed over to and shared with The British Library, and is now a "named collection" within the Library's Archival Sound Recordings website. You can read more about this here.

Touch Radio 127 | farmersmanual

14.10.16 - Farmers Manual - glague general gen (UNSUPERVISED LEARNING AND REFINEMENT OF RHYTHMIC PATTERNS) - 01:00:00 - 320 kbps

Farmers Manual is an electronic music and visual art group, founded in Vienna in the beginning of the 1990s. This computer set mode to c'mon in dictation on the B minor Asian. All ReachOut has paragraph and has a hot rod UART 13 of the real problems with seen a shift away levels here promotion and unsuccessful menu change and use the case yet this and this year amended in step 0 for restructuring and chill for Celsius until Vander all the four sources that are real and organs to be called from as a place you'll Flushing's police and how often initially and rendering rulz lives and the madness of all this is the hell is extreme frequencies fat and salt and flickering image's bourse your office.

Photo: Nik Gaffney (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Touch Radio 126 | Tim Shaw

12.09.16 - Tim Shaw - Surrounding Air - 21:20 - 320 kbps

Victorian acoustician Herman Helmholtz studied sound and sensation in the 1800s; through his research he developed the Helmholtz Resonator, this object, usually made from glass or brass, is tuned to a specific resonant frequency and used to demonstrate the principle of acoustic resonance. Helmholtz writes about using these tuned devices to listen to sustained pitches from musical instruments. He also accounts hearing waterfalls, the howling wind and horse drawn carriages through his handheld resonators, using these devices to extract tones from the environmental sounds around him.

Inspired by the work of Helmholtz, this piece incorporates both ‘tuned’ and ‘un-tuned’ vessels to explore resonant sound objects. Using two large glass carboys (designed as liquid transportation vessels) partially filled with rainwater, alongside two smaller Helmholtz Resonators, 'Surrounding Air' comprises extended recordings of these acoustic objects. Each vessel contains its own unique sound space, a distinct resonating signature quietly bellowing and heard only at the point at which it meets the outside world.

Placing small omnidirectional microphones and hydrophones inside the glass reveals a unique perspective on this space. Recording a rainstorm through the vessels we hear a complex and ever-changing sound world from this fixed listening point. After capturing the sonic signature of the vessels I built a semi-generative synthesis engine in tune with the containers, moving towards a musical world tempered to these glass vessels, extracting tones from the surrounding environment in honour of Helmholtz. Listening through these objects allows us to hear the world as he may have done over 150 years earlier.

Recordings, processing and programming carried out in my home studio and rooftop in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

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Touch Radio 125 | Philip Jeck

10.05.16 - Philip Jeck - Live at The Battery, San Francisco - 17:26 - 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016. With thanks to Brooke Wentz.

Photo: Gun battery placement, Hawk Hill

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Touch Radio 124 | Mark Van Hoen

10.05.16 - Mark Van Hoen - Live at The Battery, San Francisco - 19:58 - 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016. With thanks to Andrew Freid.

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Touch Radio 123 | Daniel Menche

10.05.16 - Daniel Menche - Live at Chapel Space, Seattle - 24:00 - 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016

Recorded by Jake Muir. With thanks to Steve Peters & Vance Galloway.

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Touch Radio 122 | JUNTA

26.01.16 - Francisco Alvelos - JUNTA: VIVA PORTUGAL! (1974) - 26:16 - 320 kbps

"Ever the archivist at heart, my father, Francisco Alvelos, had the foresight of recording the national radio and television broadcasts of the Portuguese "Carnation" Revolution as it unfolded on the 25th of April, 1974. Just audio, that is: home video was still years away, as was colour TV… I was then seven years old, and remember an afternoon without school, the radio hosting strange voices, a still image on the TV set. By dinner time TV broadcast had been restored and some very serious-looking men in strange garments made very serious speeches, my parents’ expressions of expectancy and excitement an obvious indicator that, despite being beyond my comprehension, something major was taking place. That somehow made up for the disappointing disappearance of cartoons... The World was different back then for a seven-year-old under an ailing European dictatorship.

By chance I recently unearthed the cassette tape my father recorded, and took great care in digitising it as it might not survive one last playback. It did snap once, but I managed to successfully improvise a bit of tape surgery…

Here, then, are the newsflashes and the first public address of the Revolution Council to the nation: I edited out the obvious copyrighted material, and kept the marching anthems to a sensible degree. At 20'50 on this edit, we hear a declaration summarising the motives for the military upsurge; remarkable how a significant part of what is said still resonates in 2016 - and how timely that I found this recording on the eve of the Portuguese presidential election. The last 30 seconds of this edit, the tail-end of the junta declaration and the ensuing silence, are eerie in their prescience: “What now?”, the fumbling silence seems to wonder. It still does.

Listening while digitising, the recordings brought vivid memories of my father. And somehow I felt I was fulfilling his wish, rendered audible almost 42 years later: to preserve and convey a historical document for future generations to remember, reflect and interpret."

Heitor Alvelos, January 2016

Mono recording by Francisco Alvelos from national radio and television broadcasts in Aveiro, Portugal, April 25, 1974.
Edited and mastered by Heitor Alvelos, January 2016.
The dedication should be self-evident.

Touch Radio 121 | Dave Knapik

24.01.16 - Dave Knapik - Storm Jonas - 25:19 - 320 kbps

Over 18 people have died as over 40 inches of snow fell on the eastern seaboard of the United States. It was the second largest in New York City, where over 29 inches fell, since 1869... This recording was made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn using a Zoom iQ6 microphone and iPad Air 2.

Photo: Dave Knapik

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Touch Radio 120 | Thierry Charollais

04.01.16 - Thierry Charollais - Live at Les Digitales 2015 - Bern 29.08.2015 - 21:56 - 320 kbps

"Live performance on August 29th 2015, at the Botanic Garden in Bern (Switzerland) during the electronic music festival Les Digitales. Especially composed for this concert, this track has not only relaxing, but also disturbing parts. The purpose was to give to the audience a sonic environment which contrasts with the quietness of Bern's Botanic Garden."

photo : "Radioactivity 4" courtesy Cécilia Kapitz

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The Wildlife Sound Recording Society have written a piece on their blog...

The Guardian (UK):

Touch, an independent arts organisation that turned 25 last year, is home to artists such as Christian Fennesz, Biosphere and Chris Watson. Touch Radio features challenging and entertaining material, including field recordings, interviews and live performances. There are audio diaries from Chris Watson, where he illuminates his work as a wildlife sound recordist in the Galapagos Islands, taking in the Alcedo volcano. If you are truly tired of words by this stage, you will find an antidote in Touch 10: The Bits Inbetween by Vicki Bennett, whose own show on WFMU, a glorious mashup (peoplelikeus.org), will leave you in a spin. [Pascal Wyse]

Gonzo Circus (Belgium):

For lovers of intelligent music and extremities is the British Touchlabel a standard. Not only in their output of music, but also in their design & packaging of their cds and website is Touch unique. On Touch Radio they add constantly new radiophonic pearls to their archive, all pieces are exclusively composed for the site. [Peter Deschamps]

Turbulence (net) on TouchRadio 29

diquit review on TouchRadio 50

Ears Peeled (UK):

I also highly recommend the latest releases at TouchRadio. Jana Winderen’s Utvær is a short piece based on recordings from the remote Norwegian island of the same name, and sounds appropriately isolated. Notturno by Guðni Franzson is a very relaxing, unhurried recording of birds in Laugarvatn, Iceland.

musicaindustrial (Spain):

Como parte de una serie de grabaciones de sonidos inusuales en la Laguna de Venecia, Enrico Coniglio grabó esta pieza una noche en un depósito de botes del servicio de transporte público, no muy lejos de la plaza de San Marcos. El título del tema, Sapientum Super Acquis, hace referencia a un organismo creado en 1501 para salvaguardar el delicado equilibro de la laguna y cuidar la salud del agua. No tuvieron mucho éxito, actualmente la laguna es un pozo de contaminación debido a que está próxima a una de las áreas industriales más amplias de Europa.


For the past seven years Touch Radio has commissioned an impressive series of audio gems that cover a range of recording subjects and styles. Audio diaries sit alongside pure field recordings, experimental music pieces and live performances from the likes of Chris Watson, Signe Liden, Philip Jeck and other noted figures.


Touch Radio offers access to a range of programmes made exclusively by musicians, recordists and artists affiliated with Touch. The current collection contains 79 programmes spanning the past seven years and is full of wonders.

The Field Reporter

Cheryl Tipp from The British Library wildlife section of the Sound Archive offers a new mix of extracts from TouchRadio, which you can listen to here.


TouchPod is the podcast for TouchRadio, which offers a new platform for a selection of recordings, live or otherwise, from artists who are affiliated to or whose work appear on Touch, including Leif Elggren, Christian Fennesz, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Philip Jeck, Jacob Kirkegaard, BJNilsen, Stephen O'Malley, People Like Us, Peter Rehberg, Chris Watson, z'ev, and others.

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