Touch Radio 51 | Zon On N

01.05.10 - One Long Track – 1:00:38 - 192 kbps

Live zoning and droning trance meditative exploratory improvised music is created by:

Mario Radinovic (Oscillators and multiple effects units) is a London-based musician with a keen interest in frequencies and their effect on human body and mind. Past few years he played with "Break Ups", and art band that eventually broke up, followed by "Oscillosonics". For many years Mario has been occasionally sonically collaborating with Kaffe Matthews, and Iris Garrelfs.

Howard Jacques (Melodica, singing, percussion and electronics) is a musician interested in surreal terrain. Other bands played in include Put Put, The Topsy Turvy Band, Proxy Music, Comfy Moss, Almost Real &c. He Produces The Bermuda Triangle Testtransmission Broadcasts for Resonance104.4FM, a London community arts radio station.

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