Touch Radio 70 | Peter 7 Paelinck

06.11.11 - The Home Recordings – 50:25 - 192 kbps

Photo: Luc Vanhoucke

6AM - Moonsickness - Nobah Sahibs - Deadend - Nachtmeer - Is - 23.2

"The Home Recordings is the extension on the recordings that were made in 2008 in Norway. Being there with no instruments and no source but water to create sound, I was very limited. Returning home, the place you love and when you stay too long, you hate, became the source of these recordings. Everyday you hear something that changes your mood, but sometimes they can be very difficult to record. This can be the cause of different, unwelcome sounds, as you think they are. So I started to record the sounds outside my front door from 04hr. in the morning till 07hr.

Mixing everything at home in some kind of dark way, not opening the sound up... I used an Emulator Emax 1 because of its simple sampling sound. All other instruments are acoustically recorded.

There is no limit on sound, only we as source."

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